carmen reimagined — the official trailer

Finally, the official trailer to the /carmen/karmen/s/ project! It’s always slightly shocking to hear your own voice disembodied and mechanised, but Johanna Devi looks fantastic and Robin Storey‘s music sounds suitably dark and terrifying to draw out the deeply disturbing narrative that underlies Carmen.

Check out rehearsal photos and take a sneak peek at a snippet of the rough cut of the visuals.

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rough cut – centrifuge: carmen sampled

A sneak peek from the final scene of CENTRIFUGE: CARMEN SAMPLED – created by Rapoon and Johanna Devi. See photographs from the rehearsals a few weeks ago here.

Also, check out the official trailer in which I explain, with the help of some serious editing from the media services people, the rationale behind the project.

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(and if the clip below doesn’t work… try here.)

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trailer – carmen staged: ‘Love is a Baby dat grows up Wild’

Susanne Dietz, our wonderful video artist, has created a trailer for CARMEN STAGED, entitled ‘Love is a Baby dat Grow Wild: Re-Reading of the Media Archive’. She says this about it…

‘Love is a Baby dat grows up Wild. Re-Reading of the media archive’ is a montage of clips from Carmen movies that were made in particular social contexts at specific historical moments between 1915 and 2006.

Her video piece will be accompanying the live performance of the Orchestra of the UCOpera conducted by Charles Peebles on 11 February 2011 at The Bloomsbury Theatre. Book your tickets now!

In case you are wondering, all the images in this trailer come from existing (and some well-known) Carmen films. Any guesses as to which ones?

[In case the embedded video doesn’t work, click here.]

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in rehearsal – centrifuge: carmen sampled

For most of last Sunday and Monday, Robin Storey, Johanna Devi and I were locked into badly-lit and awkwardly-laid-out lecture theatres in rehearsals for CENTRIFUGE: CARMEN SAMPLED (part of the /carmen/karmen/s/ events). This was the first time we have all been in the same room since October 2010, when we last got together to thrash out some concepts for the show. In the meantime, there has been countless emails, uploaded files, snail-mail packages flying between London, Newcastle and Berlin as we collaborated virtually. Johanna and Robin created elements of sound, choreography and visuals – but separately. The workshop weekend was an opportunity for us to pull together these disparate strands and hammer out a dramatic (but not narrative!) structure for the whole show, and to experiment with some ideas.

Without giving away too much, here are some images from rehearsals over two days. (Thanks to Evelyn Lam for taking photos and for the loan of her camera.)

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excuse one to spend the summer in reyjkavik /cfp


General Conference of European Consortium for Political Research, 25-27 August 2011, Reyjkavik

The collapse of the USSR and the Eastern Bloc, coupled with the sharp market turn taken by countries such as China and Vietnam, have given rise to a plethora of new aesthetic forms. Such transformations have occurred not only in the traditional arts (painting, music, theatre) but also in the broader culture sphere (space, architecture, new media). A dominant force driving such changes is the introduction of the market economy, which critics argue has enriched only a small number of elites. Through an inversion of working-class cultural hegemony promoted under socialism, the material and aesthetic desires of this newly enriched class have become the same desires of the under-classes. Additionally, it has been argued that the advent of global capitalism within former-socialist states has reified enclaves of socio-cultural difference hitherto resistant to such a project (Jameson). This “disneyfication” of elements ranging from collective memory to ethnic minority culture, i
llustrates how market forces are pressed into the service of re-emerging (and re-imagined) forms of nationalism. The proposed panel offers an interrogation of this totalizing scenario. Participants are invited to present work on various aesthetic practices and possibilities which resist, embrace, co-opt, re-invent, disrupt or are even indifferent to such forces. Speakers might want to address ways in which earlier socialist aesthetics continue to haunt the present; whether these forms offer any emacipatory value; whether the persistence of authoritarian rule in certain post-socialist states provides forms of resistance predicated on modernist notions of “Truth” (Badiou); and how such potential might contrast with post-modern parliamentary democracies in which such movements are no longer fashionable. The panel, which approaches questions of art and aesthetics in the broadest possible sense, encourages submissions from a wide range of disciplines including anthropology, ar
t history, architecture, cultural studies, political science and urban studies.

Please submit paper proposals by 1 February via the ECPR website. You don’t have to be a ECPR member to proposal a paper.  If you need an extension, please get in touch with the panel chair.

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