a sense of humour about conflict?

During my teaching prep today, I was looking at Kosovo related clips on Youtube and stumbled on this old gem. As you can probably tell from the images, it was shot a while ago. The people involved (peacekeepers) were sent home in disgrace after this became a bit of a hit. To condemn it would be pretty easy: there are clearly a whole host of problems with this clip (where to start?). But I have a little bit of a soft spot for this video: it certainly made me laugh when I was in Kosovo. More than that, the men involved seem to have a healthy dose of scepticism on their own role: “Everytime we gooooo, to little places like Kosovo, we never really know what happens after we go…” and “Rwanda, wished we could’ve help’ya”. Personally I prefer my ‘internationals’ to have an understanding of their limitations rather than those that come with Messiah complexes.

Anyway, judge for yourself.


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