in rehearsal – centrifuge: carmen sampled

For most of last Sunday and Monday, Robin Storey, Johanna Devi and I were locked into badly-lit and awkwardly-laid-out lecture theatres in rehearsals for CENTRIFUGE: CARMEN SAMPLED (part of the /carmen/karmen/s/ events). This was the first time we have all been in the same room since October 2010, when we last got together to thrash out some concepts for the show. In the meantime, there has been countless emails, uploaded files, snail-mail packages flying between London, Newcastle and Berlin as we collaborated virtually. Johanna and Robin created elements of sound, choreography and visuals – but separately. The workshop weekend was an opportunity for us to pull together these disparate strands and hammer out a dramatic (but not narrative!) structure for the whole show, and to experiment with some ideas.

Without giving away too much, here are some images from rehearsals over two days. (Thanks to Evelyn Lam for taking photos and for the loan of her camera.)

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  2. […] in rehearsal – centrifuge: carmen sampled […]

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